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Life is interesting to say the least! By Psychic Medium Anna Simon

Good Morning,

It has been a long week but productive to say the least! As a Psychic Medium my life keeps me busy with work and my personal life. I had to phone calls about a TV reality shows they want me to be a part of. Though I feel blessed and honored one might work for me but the other I will pass. My career is to be taken seriously so I will only consider the project of Lifetime show. We will see as Hollywood is Hollywood nothing is real until you get it in writing!

Today I will be working with my clients from 6 am to 10 am then off to the gym. After I will go to the market to get dinner items which I love to cook. Then come home take a shower and back to work. You see I feel blessed that I can work from home and be able to live life to the fullest. I love helping people and this is my life work. I do have my adult children living with me one full time student the other working. I also have my 14 year old son and he is sweet and kind. He is about to go back to school next week summer over.

I have a good social life with my husband on Friday went to a pool party and Saturday went to a great Hawaiian party. As I did work in between the weekends because I won’t turn down my clients. Sunday was another busy day work and then date night with my husband we had sushi and enjoyed our evening.

I usually in the morning first thing Chant “OM SHEREEM LAKSHMI NAMAMA” 108 times and visualize what you want to manifest. I also give thanks at night and show that I am grateful for all that I have in my life.

It is not easy running a business and having a family and a private life but GOD gives me the strength to do it.

So if you need any guidance please give me a call.

Psychic Medium Anna Simon


Good Morning! Want to obtain Love, abundance , happiness?

Good Morning, Want to obtain Love, Success ,Happiness? It is all in your reach! I been using a technique for many years and has made me happy in all areas of my life. We are all energy and there is an ancient secret to obtaining all in your present life! Sometimes the simple things in life are the most powerful solutions to your answers you seek! 

I am here to help you and if you want to know this secret which is not a secret just ancient wisdom and more I be happy to explain it to you. I rather not type here it would be to much to type but I speak fast and quick and it is done by vibration and energy plus a bit more!

My new hours are from 8 am to 8 pm CST. !

Sending you love and light always,

Psychic Medium Anna Simon


International Psychic Medium Anna Simon Official blog

Good afternoon,

I been away but I will be posting weekly my adventures and tools to help you on your spiritual journey! I am a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher but far most important a mother and wife. I started my journey 35 years ago when I was just 5 years old. I am originally from Los Angeles California born and raised till I left to Dallas Texas 8 years ago. At the age of 5 I was different I see people on the other side and was wiser then my years. I was led years later to become a professional psychic medium for nearly 20 years now!
I am one of the sought after psychic mediums in the world not because I am famous because of who I am inside and how I help others. Its all energy based to manifest into our reality! Which later I will be showing you my readers how to manifest all in your life. I am just a human being that use my talents to help humanity! I want to reach as many people as I can. So what better way to do it then to create a blog. I am very busy with my practice but I will always have time to help all achieve there desires on this earth plane. As long as you follow the guidance you will be happy and successful in your life on this earth.

Note: I do channel the higher source to receive accurate information. So at times my grammar and spelling won’t be perfect but the message will be accurate!

I been away due to filming and my private practice but I am now back stronger and will be blogging weekly!

Please comment on what topics you would like me to blog about?

For more information on my services go to the link below.

Psychic Medium Anna Simon

All is possible in this life time! LOVE,MONEY,SUCCESS-By PSYCHIC MEDIUM ANNA SIMON

Blessings to you all,

Ever wonder if we can have all in this life time? How do we obtain? LOVE,MONEY,SUCCESS. It is all possible through these steps I have been using over the years. Our thoughts and feelings do create our current reality! If we fear we draw that into our life. If we remove negative people,situations out of our lives it makes room for the positive to come into our lives. I use three simple words of knowledge!


Yes sounds to simple right? Well simplicity is the most powerful thing in this world to manifest all in your lives. Don’t believe me?Try it! I give thanks every morning and I chant in the morning and evening. I know that I have unlimited abundance and success and guess what I do! Even when Keen is slow I make up for it through private clients 10 fold. Or a project comes in and makes my month. But I don’t doubt I just know and have true faith and always take action!


I am here to help you so I be posting up tools and much more.



Psychic Medium Anna Simon


Sunday dairy from Psychic medium Anna Simon

Today is a blessed Sunday! I am enjoying my morning with my hubby as a psychic medium and spiritual teacher I am also a wife and mother and live a some what normal normal life lol..

But on a serious note I am here to help empower everyone! I choose to use my GOD gifts to help humanity! Yes it’s a big mission but my life work is to do this! With the help of GOD and all my team it will be accomplished !

Note I am having my life work written into a book and will be done soon. I also have a powerful manifestation course that I created years ago to help all! Everything that made me happy and successful I put those secrets in my course !

So stay tune I will be blogging tools and teachings and much more! Even my own private daily life will be posted!

Want to wish you a blessed Sunday!

If you need to reach me please email me at spiritwithinreach

Psychic Medium Anna Simon


Introducing Internationally Recongized Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Anna Simon

Who is Anna Simon you ask?

Anna is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher,lecture,humanitarian for nearly 20 years have my own radio show and love teaching others to reach there higher potential.I speak English,Spanish,some French.
Anna Simon  is a Psychic Teacher and founder of Her gifts include mentoring, mediumship, spiritual intuitive, psychic readings and holistic healing. Born with the gift of sight, Anna also posses the psychic ability to connect to the ‘other side’ as a medium. As a little girl, she has always known about her
abilities; however did not fully comprehend her gifts as a psychic medium. She was unaware that she was
communicating with Angels. She would have visions and
receive messages for others. As the years passed, she
began to have encounters with psychic phenomena.
As a young adult, she offered psychic readings for friends and family. Furthermore propelling her gift and honing in on her craft to become validated in her work today. Over a
decade ago, great tragedy struck Anna’s life that would change it’s course forever. As her relationships and finances fell apart, she lost all sense of inner peace. She
began doubting what role she had to play in this world.But, somehow she clung to the knowledge that she
still had her power of clarity and prayed for true spiritual guidance. Anna was awakened by a strange light in her
bedroom door. She saw an image of an Angel who came
to her and said, ”

One week passed as Anna found herself drawn to people who had taken the path of true spiritual calling. One day in going for a reading herself, was told that she needed to use her gifts of clairvoyance to help others. Anna told the
reader that she loved helping people, but didn’t know where to begin. The reader showed her and since then has
become a close personal friend of her and her family. One day, Anna’s Angels came to her and told her that her life
would change forever. They told her that she would help
others with her psychic ability and gifts. Now eleven years
later, the message is coming to fruition as she is helping
many people.

Anna clearly states that she is not only a psychic, but a mentor, teacher and counselor to many clients all over the world. She will teach you how to manifest your true desires with simple techniques that are proven effective.
She also empowers you with accurate psychic readings
including names, dates, and descriptions of your true soul
mate and spiritual path. Her healings are done through
loving Universal Energy. God has given her great gifts and
she is here to share them with you. Today, Anna is doing
her life’s work and true calling. Attracting wonderful
people into her life, she manifested loving relationships,
financial success and true inner peace.

This is what she wants for you. This is her job and here is her message: “I am gently GUIDING YOU to the UNIVERSAL TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE. She wants to share
something with you — something very important: You
deserve to LIVE your DREAMS — to truly know the wonder that is YOU. When you BELIEVE you can make ANYTHING
happen in your life, it WILL happen. All you need is
someone to help bring out your own beautiful spirit. Seek
and you shall find God within.” Anna now says to you
Welcome and Blessings! “Mere curiosity has not brought you here. You were led to this site because you seek the truth. You are not alone. Your angels and guides have provided loving direction on this path to discovering me. I
can help you find your truth.

Allow me to show you your spiritual key. Only you can unlock the door to your true happiness!” Please feel free to go to

To reach Anna by phone, please call (214)435-5416. as she looks forward to speaking to you and Your Angels and Guides

August 1st Daily Journal of a Spiritual Teacher Anna Robles Simon

Welcome everyone! I know I been away with lots of work and projects. But I am now here and will be posting weekly.
I am here to help guide you in all you need. Spiritual ,Paranormal and Coaching on all life issues. Today is Wens day and I am excited to start my new adventure through my blog. Being a Spiritual Teacher is not always a easy journey. I am still a wife,mother,daughter and most of all GODs tool to help many on there journey!
I am a normal woman with spiritual gifts given to me by Divine. I am human like you just master my gifts to help all. Yes I been through many bad times but always with GOD grace survived and accomplished all my desires.
You ask how I did it? Well I will be blogging weekly tools and divine information plus my daily journal personal information to show you I am a real person who wants to make a difference in this world by empowering you all!
So be ready to follow my daily life as well as learning how to empower and prosper your life with tools,guidance and much more.

Anna Robles Simon

” You are a child of a loving GOD and you are loved and prosper always.”

Dallas Psychic Medium Anna Robles Simon Daily Teachings

Love is a Divine Gft!!

Today is May 30th 2012
I am home relaxing and thinking how to help humanity! As a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher for over 16 years now! I come to a point in my life that it is time to make great change and empower people who strive to help others!As I say to GOD the spoken words “I AM ONE WITH DIVINE UNITY AND I DARE TO OPEN ALL CONNECTIONS TO HELPING ALL NOW! It is very important to understand why I am so lead to help others. I never was guided by a person on this earth! My true guidance came from the Angels and God’s grace. I never thought my life would be this blessed although at times in the past years I had to learn lessons that would change my life and lifestyle but keeping my faith has always brought me true success. As a mother of 4 and 3 of those children are grown has brought me strength in helping others evolved to there true purpose in life! Well enough said I will be blogging weekly only due to my hectic schedule and travels. If you have questions please comment or email me at my website which will be below at the end of this page! Remember you hold the key to your destiny!
Give thanks daily and ask GOD to bless you with your request!
I pray twice a day and give thanks as well.
Here is my website at
Love and Light
Anna Robles Simon

Psychic Medium Tells all~ Share daily Psychic Adventures

Blessings to you all this evening!

I been away only due to being busy with projects and teaching others. In the upcoming weeks I will be teaching and blogging daily Psychic Adventures and teachings on how to be empowered daily! I am in the process of moving and be settled within two weeks. Stay tune and tell all..Read all my previous blogs and enjoy!

Love and Light
Anna Robles

Internationally Known Psychic Medium Anna Robles Simon Predicts for 2012

Blessings to you all!

Merry Christmas you you all from Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher Anna Robles Simon! I want to share some predictions that I made for Aol Latino for 2012.

The link is below and you can translated on your computer. Wishing you all love and a prosperous new year!

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher
Anna Robles Simon|dl1|

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